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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Full time



About the Role

Position Overview:

As a Telecaller Intern, you will play a crucial role in supporting the sales and marketing efforts of the company. Your primary responsibility will be to make outbound calls to potential customers, engage with them, and generate leads or sales opportunities. This internship offers an excellent opportunity to develop communication skills, gain experience in customer interaction, and understand the sales process. You will work closely with the sales team and receive training to excel in your role as a telecaller.


Outbound Calls: Make proactive outbound calls to prospective customers from provided lists or databases. Introduce the company's products/services and communicate relevant information effectively.

Lead Generation: Identify potential leads through cold calling and other lead generation techniques. Qualify leads based on predefined criteria and document the outcomes accurately.

Customer Engagement: Engage with customers in a friendly and professional manner. Answer their queries, address concerns, and build rapport to create a positive impression of the company.

Product/Service Promotion: Effectively communicate the features and benefits of the company's products/services to potential customers. Highlight unique selling points to generate interest and enthusiasm.

Data Management: Maintain detailed and accurate records of customer interactions, including call outcomes, feedback, and follow-up actions, using the company's CRM or data management system.

Sales Support: Collaborate with the sales team to support their efforts in achieving sales targets. Provide them with qualified leads and customer insights gathered during calls.

Learning and Training: Participate in training sessions to enhance your product knowledge, communication skills, and sales techniques. Apply the learnings to improve call quality and performance.

Report Generation: Prepare regular reports on call activities, lead conversion rates, and other relevant metrics. Present findings to the team or management as required.

Team Collaboration: Work closely with the sales and marketing teams to align telecalling efforts with broader business objectives. Share valuable insights from customer interactions to improve marketing strategies.


About the Company

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